Posted by Ros Connors

Warning issued to drivers as thieves target keyless entry cars

Cars are the key method of travel for so many in the UK, with many depending on them heavily for their livelihoods, although thieves are now on the hunt for more easily accessible cars to steal.

However, new figures being released by Tracker has shown that thieves are targeting keyless cars, due to the easier access into the vehicle. This comes as 94% of all vehicles recovered by Tracker in 2021 were stolen without the thief having possession of the keys. Keyless theft involves hijacking the car key’s signal and tricking the vehicle into unlocking itself. Clive Wain, Chief Police Liaison for Tracker notes the importance of securing your car against keyless theft and how this requires unconventional precautions to be taken.

The top five most targeted areas in 2021, and the worst for car theft with London at the top, followed by the West Midlands, Manchester, Essex and Kent. Car owners in these areas are being urged to take extra caution with their vehicles in order to try and maintain their security.

Ros spoke to Clive Wain.

Photo by Olav Tvedt on Unsplash

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