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Who is the most influential person in your life?

For parents, many would say getting their children to listen to them is a constant battle. However, it seems when it comes to career advice, mum & dad are still the go to.

Despite what parents might think, 75% of teenagers believe that their parents are the most influential person in their life, compared with 28% stating their friends and just 3% choosing social influencers according to new research.

In fact, 66% of teenagers would trust their parents for advice over anyone else for a big decision that would impact their future with 32% admitting their parents inspire them when it comes to the job they want to do when they’re older.

Furthermore, 80% of sixteen-year-olds, who are making decisions about their post-secondary school steps, see their parents as the most influential sources in their lives, followed by thirteen-year-olds (77%) and seventeen-year-olds (76%) according to the findings from Talking Futures, a resource created to help parents to have informed and constructive conversations with their children.

Ryan spoke to multi award winning psychologist Dr Nihara Krause and Michelle Rea from the Gatsby Foundation.

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