World Sleep Day 2021: The Year of ‘Coronasomnia’

22nd March 2021
Posted by Ros Connors

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We spend one third of our life asleep and sleep is incredibly important in keeping our stress levels down, and our immune health up. 

But in August 2020 a study from the University of Southampton showed that the number of people experiencing insomnia rose from 1 in 6 to 1 in 4, putting this rise in sleeping problems down to the almost “biblical times we are living through”.  This has been termed ‘Coronasomnia’ due to its prevalence across the globe.

So how can we give ourselves the best chance of catching the full 40 winks?

Some disruptions are easier fixed than others, but many of us let the physical conditions of our bedrooms negatively affect our night’s rest.

Becoming too hot or too cold topped the list with more than a quarter of people letting it affect their rest. Similarly, 23% of people reported not being able to get comfortable at all.

1 in 5 even blamed their partners and their snoring from preventing them from getting their 40 winks!

Ros spoke to sleep expert and founder of OTTY Sleep Ltd. Michal Szlas. 

Photo by Greg Rivers on Unsplash

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