Posted by Aston Avery

World’s first museum opens where you can see spacecraft being built that will land on the moon

The world’s first museum is opening in the US that will allow the public to see lunar landers and rovers being built that will, one day, land on the moon. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to go behind the scenes and get up close and personal with spacecraft that are part of NASA’s programme to return to the moon for the first time in 50 years.

The Moonshot Museum – based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – has a specially constructed Astrobotics Clean Room where space industry engineers will be building lunar landers and rovers that are destined to blast off in a couple of years time.

The last manned mission to the moon took place in 1972 when Apollo 17 embarked on a 12 day mission. Now, members of the public are being given the opportunity to see the latest generation of spacecraft that are going to the moon being built in real time, right in front of them.

Ari spoke to Visit Pittsburgh CEO Jerad Bacher.

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