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Since the UK has been in lockdown, Government guidelines have disrupted all of our lives. This disruption has not only kept us from our loved ones for months on end but has also created the perfect setup for living a more sedentary life and overindulging – which is leading to weight gain. 

New research commissioned by WW, to learn more about the nation’s wellbeing throughout the lockdown period, today reveals that half of all Brits have reported overeating, exercising less and have become more anxious during lockdown. 

Since the start of lockdown on 23rd March, the UK was forced to adopt a new normal; staying indoors, limiting exercise, working from home and shopping for groceries as little as possible. With daily routines disrupted, 48% of people surveyed admitted to eating more, with chocolate and biscuits listed as the go-to comfort snacks and two in five (40%) saying they reach for the sugary treats, followed by more savoury offerings such as crisps. 

Despite the popularity and availability of home workouts, the majority of people said they’ve also been exercising less. With a more sedentary lifestyle becoming the new norm, almost half (46%) of people claim to be less active since working from home, which could explain why 42% of people claim to have put on weight. 

Further to increased snacking and less exercise, almost a third of people (29%) are drinking more alcohol during lockdown, with 36% of 35-44 year olds increasing the amount they are drinking the most. 

Johnny discussed this research with psychologist Honey Langcaster James and Anna Hill, of WW:

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

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