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Neil Gits A Sticky E

24th October 2021
Posted by Neil Matthew

I spend a fair bit of time each week sitting at my PC working on stuff for my show (if you can call it work!) and consequently a fair bit of time typing away on my keyboard. I guess I can type pretty fast now after all these years of being involved with a number of projects that require a lot of preparation here at “Old Gits HQ” but as I’ve got older, I am wondering if sometimes my fingers are too fast for my brain or if it’s the other way round as silly mistakes creep in. Hopefully you will never notice these when you read my blogs as I check each one at least twice before pressing “publish” !!

Lately, for some bizarre reason, during my checks I have notice quite a few instances of the letter “E” appearing as a capital later as the second letter in a word, i.e. ” WEdnesday ” and I am sure it is not human error this time ! If I ever get five minutes to disconnect it and investigate I will have a look and see if it’s a bit dusty around that letter or maybe something horrible and sticky is lurking around there as it is GEtting annoying now !! 😉

Typos aside why not have a troll back over some of my old blogs on this site some time and glance through a few of my old playlists ? I am not sure just HOW far they go back (I just looked and there are 473 of them !!) but I publish the full list every week and I bet you could find a song or two that I played once played years ago and is well overdue for a second airing … Meanwhile, here is the latest selection which you can hear via “Cool Soul” at “Listen Again” on here :

The Tunes – Monday 18th October 2021

Bill Withers – Lovely Day

Damaris – What About My Love

Castella ft Willie Bradley-So Glad I Met You (Tom Glide Remix)

James Last – The Seduction

Donna Summer – On The Radio

Candace Woodson – All It Takes

Bettye Swann – This Old Heart Of Mine

Regina Belle – How Could You Do It To Me

Vince Broomfield – Can You Hear Me Now

Temptations – I Got Your Number

Teddy Pendergrass – You Can’t Hide From Yourself (Mike Maurro Mix)

Level 42 – Micro Kid

Ben E King – No Danger Ahead

Four Tops – Walk With Me Talk With Me Darling

Tom Browne – Brighter Tomorrow

Garfield Fleming – Please Don’t Send Me Away

Sylvester – Dance (Disco Heat)

Raja Nee – Love in A Groove

Down To Earth – Right From The Start

Commodores – Wonderland

Collage – Winners & Losers

Jesse Green – Flip TFO – Let Love Come Right On In

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis-For The Love Of Money

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