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A brief history of the M25 motorway

30th April 2019
Posted by Radio Club

The M25 is a motorway road that was completed in 1986 and officially opened by British Prime Minster at the time, Margeret Thatcher. The road was opened in sections with the last completed in 1986. The road is also known as London Orbital Motorway and features 31 Junctions on its 117 Mile Bypass route as it goes round the perimeter loop of London. It features 31 junctions on a Northbound and Southbound route. It also featured toll boths but they were removed in 2014 and replaced by the Dart Charge Online Paying App.

The road is also known as the A282 at Dartford Crossing. It’s also ranked as one of the busiest roads on the UK Motorway network as well as roughly 196,000 vehicles were are registered every day. Junction 13 and 14 at Heathrow Airport has one of the highest counts of traffic reports in Europe.

The M25 also features the QE2 bridge which opened in 1991. The bridge replaces the East Tunnel so both the of the Tunnels, East and West run Northbound whilst the QUE2 Bridge runs on the Southbound route on Dartford Crossing.

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