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Mission: Megazone!

14th April 2019
Posted by Radio Club

On Friday 12th April, Radio Club took on an important journey. We went to Megazone in Rayleigh to have a few games of laser tag. We started the afternoon of fun with the typical red vs blue, its a simple team round which involved half the people on one team and the other half on the other colour.

And, a fun feature about the light up guns was they all had whacky names which went from superheroes to Harry Potter characters. The second game involved three teams blue vs green vs red which actually ended up in four of us teaming up against red team, even though Abbey and I (Heather) were blue and Owen and Fraser were green. And the final game went back to the simple red vs blue, it was the final showdown between all Gateway members.

All through the games you could hear the laughter of everyone at the Radio Club, and you would hear Abbey and I yelling to try and find each other. Through out the laughter you heard cheering of people who tagged others and the shouts when people got found. It was very noisy. Even though it was fun and games, quite literally, it was also very exhausting and a good work out!

There were a lot of laughs during the games as well as during the food we ate as well. The laughs happened due to the fact we had ice cream forks breaking and we were all full of energy so we made a lot of jokes. It was a very interesting and entertaining time. Personally, I would love to do something like laser tag again as it was a great way to bond with the other members of the Radio Club outside of working on the takeover.

Abbey from Radio Club says:

“It was the BEST trip i have been on all year! I love spending time with the other Radio Club members.”

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