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On Saturday 8th June, Charlie, Lewis, Heather and Dion of Gateway 97.8 took part in a First Aid Course at the Happy Hub in Eastgate Shopping Centre in Basildon. Liam, who is a volounter at Gateway 97.8 joined us at the event along with Presenters and Radio Club Staff, Laura Anderson and Aris Pap.

The course covered lots of areas of first aid which include:

How to use CPR on a patient,

How to treat choking,

Asthma attacks,



& How to put a patient in the recovery position.

Heather feels Charlie’s Pulse

We learnt lots of life skills by Instructor, Gary Cole which benefited our knowledge and understanding about how to help people. This could help us improve our life skills.

First Aid Course
Heather and Charlie Performing Chest Compressions and CPR on this Test Dummy.

Thank you to Gary Cole for holding this event at The Happy Hub In Eastgate. The Certificates that Gary Cole presented us with have a qualification that is vaild for three years.

Dion with a choking harness

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