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An Iconic Historical Venue

Tilbury Fort was a fort in Tilbury opened in the 16th Century. This venue is one of the most visited forts in the country.

Tilbury Fort was constructed during the reign of King Henry VIII during Tudor England to protect London from attack from France during the a war during Tudor England. This is an Artliery Fort which features many Batisons and Moats, which are used to protect the Fort from the enemy. It was also used during WWI and served to move Troops and material during the Britian’s duration in the war.

It now serves as a tourist attraction in the local area and in Essex with a recorded number of visitors of 16,154 in 2014. The fort is currently ran by British Heritage and offers great panoramic views of Bromley and Tilbury Docks and also offers a Gunderpowder Batison as well, where Gunpowder was stored during Tudor England.

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  1. This venue will improve the history knowledge of Tudor England and The Great War.

    Charlie Tolhurst
    Radio Club Member At Gateway 97.8

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