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Neil Gits Indigestion !

21st November 2021
Posted by Neil Matthew

Normally I am quite careful when it comes to food. I am not alking about eating healthily of course (!) but I do nearly always make sure when shopping that the sell-by date on a grocery item will still be valid by the time I plan to consume it. Obviously I am not going to throw something away (sorry … recycle !) because it went out of date 24 hours ago, I am sure we all admit to doing that, but I don’t like being ill so I don’t take any chances beyond that extended deadline.

Last week I slipped up though. I’d bought some of those delicious “Porky White” sausages but being a bit busy with Nathan’s birthday preparations, going to football and sorting other stuff out, I had neglected to open them over the previous weekend and so last Saturday had a quick look at the date before grilling the first three in a pack of six. “November 17th” it said – great ! And thus I promptly devoured them with some bacon, mushrooms and toast, then started cooking the other three on Sunday – and halfway through, when disposing of the packaging, I noticed that the date actually said “November 11th” !! Whooops …

I felt fine, but all through Sunday evening and Monday daytime I was very conscious of what was going on in my tummy and even more so whilst sitting in the studio hosting my show – I used to be able to nip to the loo downstairs during the course of a decent length 12″ single, but I’m not quite so nimble now !! All’s well that ends well, no harm done, but having shared that information with you, maybe you would like to “Listen Again” to last Monday’s show and see if you can tell when I felt a little nervous and uncomfortable … but more importantly just sit back and enjoy two hours of top quality tunes and fascinating features.

The Tunes – Monday 15th November 2021

Steve Arrington – Dancing In the Key Of Life

Taste Of Honey – Rescue Me

Aaries – Don’t Give It Up

Aurra – You & Me Tonight (Midnight Mix)

Deja – Made To Be Together

Millie Jackson – Never Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night

Bobby Womack – If You Think You’re Lonely Now

Anthony Hamilton – White Hennessy

Patti Labelle – When Am I Gonna Find True Love

War – Me & Baby Brother

Cool Notes – Spend The Night (12” Version)

Three Degrees – Get Your Love Back

Roy Ayers – Destination Motherland

Junior Walker & The All Stars – Way Back Home

Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt

Chaka Khan – Night In Tunisia

Kenya – I Can’t Help It

Adeline – After Midnight

Vanessa Poolian – Raise Your Hand

Ruby Winters – Come To Me

Anita Baker – Rules

Olympic Runners – The Bitch

Herbie Hancock – Tell Everybody

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