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Neil Gits Interference

9th April 2022
Posted by Neil Matthew

I’d like to think that as it’s over 45 years since I first sat in a radio studio I would have some sort of idea of how to deal with most issues that may get thrown my way by now. Obviously the technology used in putting a show on air has changed enormously in that time, but step by step as things have evolved , I have tried to learn each new trick to keep things running smoothly, albeit with the back up of several sheets of paper full of scribbled notes in my “Old Gits” folder – just in case I forget !!

I don’t actually listen to much radio outside of Gateway to be honest, the stations and shows that I can listen to for more than half an hour without getting annoyed are few and far between, so when it comes to my radio alarm clock in the morning I always keep it set to a certain mainstream station which can (usually) be relied on to play nice familiar old songs and wake me up gently. (Who on earth in their right mind chooses to have a nice sleep ended abruptly by an awful BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP noise ?!) I can’t quite receive it reliably on FM where I live, so I use the AM service, which although not great quality for actually listening to, is a steady reliable signal for the five minutes it takes me to stumble out of bed and switch it off.

Now … the problem I have had in recent weeks is that every Sunday morning when it goes off to get me up in time for the early morning football highlights on TV, the music is drowned out by a terrible screeching noise – and I have no idea why !! Monday – Saturday, it is fine, just Sunday ! Every week ! I remember as a teenager my mum used to incur my wrath by using the hoover downstairs and cause interference as I tried to record a song or two of Noel Edmonds Radio Breakfast show before school, but there is no audible sound of anyone living nearby using any such noisy household appliance or other electrical equipment. So it remains a mystery. Maybe I will just have to pass on the footy and have a long lie in on Sundays in the future !! 😉

These are the songs you can hear crackle-free (barring the odd piece of good old vinyl static !) on tonight’s “Repeat Play” of the show at 5pm or via “Listen Again” at your leisure :

The Tunes – Monday 4th April 2022

Imagination – Music & Lights

Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver

Candace Woodson – Steal The Night

David Peaston – Two Wrongs Don’t Make It Right

Futures – Party Time Man

Futures – Ain’t Got Time For Nothing

Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love

Rodney Shelton ft Dalia Reid & Terry Phillips – Going Down

Chic – Strike Up The Band

Sister Sledge – Mama Never Told Me

Debarge – Rhythm Of The Night (Groovefunkel Remix)

David Shire – Salsation

Earth Wind & Fire – Fantasy (DJ Disco Cat Funky Purrrfection Mix)

Lynsey Moore – Love Bug

James Brown – I Got Ants In My Pants (And I want To Dance)

Mac & Katie Kissoon – Like A Butterfly

Ginny Brown/Collective-Femme De La Femme

Tony Lindsay – I Adore You

De Etta Little & Nelson Pigford – You Take My Heart Away

Julian Jonah feat Lucita Jules – A Little Love

Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson – Get It

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