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19th September 2021
Posted by Neil Matthew

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Back in July I posted a blog describing how I had started “de-cluttering” my house and what a big job it was proving to be. Guess what ? I am STILL doing it in September !! The top half of the house plus the stairs and landing is looking much, much tidier now though and the current project is to do the same downstairs – hopefully another month or so and I will be able to welcome visitors again !

In the process of doing all this, I have become quite acquainted with the jolly helpful people down at the local tip – or “Recycling Centre” as it is now stylized in these ever more environmentally conscious times. Last week (with a little help from a man with muscles, not from Brussels I don’t think though…) I chucked out a big old ripped and torn “chair bed” that no-one had either sat on or slept on for years and was probably home to a million bed bugs, so as it was just taking up space now … into the Big Skip it went.

This week I had some rancid old cooking oil to dispose of that had somehow survived well past its sell by date. Although I am clearly “old school” even I knew that you shouldn’t just wrap it up and chuck it in the bin or worse still pour it down the drain – oh no !! But what DO you do with it ? I’d seen someone else there whilst lobbing the chair over the edge with the same issue so followed him and bingo !! There was a great big water butt thing, just waiting thirstily for another bottle of old gooey gunk , so I grabbed mine and Mr Oil Butt guzzled it down.

Every time I am there I end up asking “where would I leave one of these” or “how would I get rid of one of those” and the chaps seem to have an answer for everything I throw at them. It’s good to ask for help and I do honestly appreciate it when listeners come up with a short list of ideas or mabe just the odd one-off song for my show, although I have so many hundreds of ideas of my own, I probably wouldn’t actually need to ASK for help there for another 5 years !! Below is how the latest list turned out – head for “Listen Again” to hear it and tune in at 7pm on Monday for the next fresh selection ….

The Tunes – Monday 13th September

Ronnie Laws – All For You

Pasadenas – Tribute (Right On)

SouLutions – Philly Line (CW Philly Mix)

Kool & The Gang – Straight Ahead (12” Version)

Keni Burke – Let Somebody Love You

The Five Stairsteps – O-o-o-h Child

Minnie Ripperton – Here We Go

Vanessa Poolian ft Tom Browne – Keep Your Spirits High

Dave Mascall & Julia Quinn – Ain’t No One (Modern Soul Mix)

Diana Ross – It’s My House

Charme ft Luther Vandross – Georgy Porgy

AP Connection – AP Groove

Bob Baldwin feat La Rita Gaskin – Funk In De Pocket

Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars

War – Galaxy

Jackie Wilson – Whispers Getting’ Louder

Hil St Soul – One Life (Nigel Lowis Remix)

Garcia Walker & Durrell – Now That You’re Gone

Artistics – I’m Gonna Miss You

Supremes – Back In My Arms Again

Gladys Knight & The Pips – It’s Up To You

Cool Notes – In Your Car

Rick James – Dance Wit Me

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