Neil Gits To 30 Years

2nd April 2021
Posted by Neil Matthew

Monday 29th March 2021 wasn’t just the date of my latest “Old Gits Soul Show” , it was also the 30th Anniversary of the day I moved into my first and indeed only house – and I’ve been trying to pay off the mortgage ever since !! I think a lot of people would be surprised that I have remained in just the one property for such a long time in this day and age, but it has just turned out that way and although my first thought is that I haven’t made many changes to the old place in respect of “home improvements”, an awful lot HAS changed during the last three decades of my life within these four walls …

When I moved in, I had no mobile phone, no computer, no digital TV, no DVD player (I don’t think any of those things existed !) and I only owned a small box of half a dozen CDs, which were the height of modern technology then ! … Numerous ovens, fridges, microwaves, freezers, tumble dryers and three very varied size and shapes of televison set have been in and out, whilst six diffferent cars have resided in the garage … In 1991, I had never had a passport, been on a plane or even ventured outside of England (let alone the UK!) and I had never had to do a part-time job to supplement by self-employed DJ income which included very little in the way of radio fees as I had not quite yet become a superstar of the airwaves … lol … !!!

My spare room which was originally intended to double up as a record library and basic recording studio, for making up demo tapes, in 2003 became my new born son’s bedroom and the reasonably well looked after lawn and garden that I inherited on moving in, which gradually became a completely overgrown and uncontrollable jungle over the years, was transformed four years ago with my mum’s inheritance into a mini football pitch with fake grass for him to practice on. And as I sit here now typing this, many, many more memories come pouring into my mind – the sudden arrival of a casual girlfriend moving herself (and her rabbit!) in after some awkward “parental fallout” … the big flood of 1995 … the big new sofa that seemingly would just NOT fit through the front door one VERY hot sunny day … the leak in the lead on the roof that finally found its way into my bedroom and woke me up dripping onto my face at 5.30am one very rainy morning … and so on and so forth !!

29th March 1991 was also “Good Friday” and as we enjoy the Easter Weekend here in 2021, a timely reminder that my show continues absolutely as normal with the ‘Repeat Play’ at 5pm on Saturday (followed by the UK Soul Chart at 7pm) then it’s my regular live shift from 7-9pm on Monday evening. Here is the playlist for last week – enjoy !

The Tunes – Monday 29th March

Patrice Rushen – Haven’t You Heard

Drifters – You’re More Than A Number In My Little Red Book

Incognito ft Dira, Tompi, Petra & Rega – Jakarta Dreams

Joe Sample – Burning Up The Carnival

Adeva – Warning (12” Version)

Vince Broomfield – I’m Waiting For The Love Of My Life

Midnight Star – Stay Here By My Side

Lori Williams – Freely (Test The Waters)

Crown Heights Affair – Make Me The One

Rene & Angela – I’ll Be Good

Chi Lites – Changing For You

Chi Lites – Try My Side Of Love

Surface Noise – Zero One

Aretha Franklin – Eleanor Rigby

Chakachas – Jungle Fever

Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Third Finger Left Hand

Michael Jackson – Rockin’ Robin

Colonel Abrams feat Rose Stone – In Between Us

Alexander Morris – Love’s Knockin’

Manhattans – Hurt

Raja Nee-Come Get This Love

Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m A Wonderful Thing

Herb Alpert – Street Life

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