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Neil Gits To Drive A Tram !

28th October 2022
Posted by Neil Matthew

I’ve been loading and sharing the last few of the hundreds of photos I took on my amazing “Big Autumn Road Trip” recently and one set of pictures suddenly reminded me of a moment that caused me great consternation that day. On my travels I’ve driven through most of the big cities in this country including Manchester, Wolverhampton, Sheffield and the Croydon area of London where trams using the roads is quite a common sight. If you’re not expecting it, that can be quite a shock as it feels like you’ve suddenly driven onto a train track somehow, although of course the trams go much slower than a train and it’s only short stretches of road where they share the highway with cars and other vehicles.

On the Wednesday of my trip I was driving across Ashton Under Lyne in Greater Manchester after visiting my son’s sister to see his 7 month old nephew, and since my last visit to the town in 2014, they have extended the city’s tram network there. It gave me quite a shock when a tram came out of nowhere at a set of lights and made it’s way straight down the road I was about to join ! Not only that but, I had to continue behind this tram for quite a lot further than I had remembered previously having to do in other cities and almost felt like I was driving one myself and wondered how to get safely off the track !!

Of course, it was all fine in the end, good clear signs were in place, but I was glad to get back to normal conditions again. I am surprised I never mentioned it on my show, but the fact is that I have had so many cracking requests and excellent new songs sent to me lately, that I have been too focussed on the music to get distracted waffling on about my holiday ! You can hear my latest show repeated on air at 5pm this Saturday or you can go to the “Listen Again” page here and catch up at your leisure. These are the songs that I aired on the show last Monday :

The Tunes – Monday 24th October 2022

Melba Moore – This Is It

Michael Lovesmith – Break The Ice

Vince Broomfield – Go Light It Up

Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life

Mantronix – Got To Have Your Love

Sargent Tucker – Good Music

Stylistics – Betcha By Golly Wow

Main Ingredient feat Cuba Gooding – Spoiled

Aurra – Checking You Out

Glen Goldsmith – I Won’t Cry

Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something

Hi Gloss – It’s Up To You

Vincent Montana & The Philly Sound Orchestra-That’s What Love Does

Jean Carn – Was That All It Was (M & M Remix)

Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately

Eternal – The Power Of A Woman

Shalamar – Right In The Socket

Lindsey Webster – I Didn’t Mean It

Michael LeBlanc – I’m Not Pushing

Vanessa Williams – Save The Best For Last

Anita Baker – Priceless

Crispy & Co – Brazil

Players Association – Ride The Groove

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