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Weekend Breakfast 25th Feb!

25th February 2018
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Johnny here with another Sunday morning Weekend Breakfast. As usual, a busy show this morning – here’s the best bits!

Some countdowns:

  • 14 days till Mother’s Day
  • 28 days till the clocks go forward
  • 4 days till the last day to use any old paper £10 notes

KFC have been through a chicken shortage this week, here’s what Johnny made of it:

Celebrity Birthdays today:

  • Don Quarrie, Jamaican sprinter (67)
  • Daniel Powter, Canadian musician, he of “Bad Day” fame (47)
  • Park Ji-Sung, South Korean footballer (37)

Today’s newspaper headlines:

Some Winter warnings for the week ahead:

Why you should cut down on anti-bac wipes:

This week’s Trump Sings was an Ed Sheeran track:

Ralphy Ralph Dog’s adventures this week:

Some of this week’s facts:

  • A study found that 18- to 24 year olds take a staggering 19 selfies each day
  • 18-year-olds are twice as likely to be on social media as on the electoral roll
  • 52% of us miss our colleagues when we go on holiday

How much effort McDonalds put into your Big Mac:

On This Day:

And some showbiz bits:

Thanks for listening, the Weekend Breakfast with Johnny returns next Sunday from 9-12.