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Weekend Breakfast – 8th April!

8th April 2018
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Johnny’s back again for another Weekend Breakfast


  • 8 days till the Grand National
  • 261 sleeps till Christmas
  • 998 days till the UK leaves the EU

2 weeks into British Summer Time and people are getting summer body ready. According to the Mirror Online, here’s one ‘healthy’ food you should stay away from:

Celebrity Birthdays:

  • Kofi Annan, Ghanaian ex-United Nations Secretary General (80)
  • John Madden, English film director, directed ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘Captain
    Corelli’s Mandolin’ (69)
  • Julian Lennon, English musician and singer, son of John. He’s said to be the
    inspiration for the songs “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” and “Hey Jude” (55)

Newspaper front and back pages:

Facts you didn’t know this time last week:

  • The parallel park is the car manoeuvre we hate the most
  • People born in September are smarter and less likely to go to prison
  • We spend on average 18 hours a year queuing

We spoke to author of: West Ham United Us, David Foulger:

And this week’s Trump Sings:

Your Sunday showbiz update:

And tonight’s TV listings:

New to the cinema this weekend:

On this day:

And we spoke to Soap legend, Rudolph Walker OBE (aka Patrick in Eastenders):

Thanks for your company, back next Sunday 9-12!