Weekend Breakfast 8th July!

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They’ve done it again! Another win for the England boys last night, beating Sweden 2-0. With just a week until football comes home, here’s what today’s show looked like.


The show began with celebrations after the big game:

Celebrity birthdays:

  • Kevin Bacon, American actor who has seemingly been in every film ever made including ‘Footloose’, ‘Flatliners’, ‘A Few Good Men’, ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Tremors’ (60)
  • Robbie Keane, Irish footballer, who plays in India, and before that L.A. Galaxy – and was also their captain. Also ex Tottenham (38)
  • Jaden Smith, American actor, son of Will Smith (20)

Newspaper headlines for today:

And Graham Richardson from the Essex Fire Service:

In hour 2, we looked at the TV listings:

And on this day today:

Showbiz news for Sunday 8th July:

Here’s what 10 year old Owen said yesterday about the Radio Club:

And Laura called in to tell us where she was watching the big game:

Cinema listings for this weekend:

Your singalong song:

And Sergeant Darren Beer from the Police:

Thanks for listening – see you next Sunday for the World Cup Final Special!

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