Brits give up on exercise this Christmas

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As Britons prepare for a difficult winter ahead, exercise is set to play a key role in keeping Brits mental and physical wellbeing in good shape. Providing protection against depression and a good excuse to access natural light, getting out for a jog or a walk has never been more important. So, who amongst us can pledge to keep up fitness for the entire month of December?

The latest research from national healthcare Sue Ryder shows that the vast majority (63%) of Brits admit that exercise will take a back seat over the Christmas period, despite 41% saying they enjoy the fresh air exercise brings. This comes as the charity challenges the nation to complete 5K every day in December to help manage mental wellbeing.

Since lockdown, we’re now more aware than ever of just how important physical exercise is to our lives and many of us embarked on new exercise just to keep our mental health on track. The poll shows Britons took up physical activity such as running (14%) and cycling (13%) during lockdown, but by far the most popular form of exercise started in this period was walking, with over two in five (43%) using their allocated exercise hour for long, stress-relieving walks.

Aston spoke to Jackie Smith, founder of December Daily Dash and Jane Turner deputy director of nursing at Sue Ryder to discuss the research in further detail and also about how people can take part in the December Dash 2020 challenge.

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