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Carol Smillie on lockdown DIY

5th June 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Locked-down Brits have been keeping themselves busy and bringing the outside in during the Coronavirus pandemic as there has been a surge in wallpaper sales across the UK. Half of us (50%) have redecorated our homes during the period following a huge 124% increase in ‘How to Wallpaper’ on Google.

Interestingly, the fact we can’t spend time outdoors has had an impact on our choices – florals are the thing. 24% have opted for ‘tropical’ florals, and 22% have gone for darker, more moody tones… And in third place, 22% of Brits have opted for geometrics.

Parents also say that their kids have been more involved during this period too – 26% of kids are getting involved because of little else to do, but 10% of youngster are now actively searching for things to do together and watching YouTube tutorials in their own time. But, almost a quarter of us have got all of the ‘bits’ we need to get going… But have lost our confidence at the last minute as we need help on where to begin…  And wallpapering is number one DIY job we are scared of…

Aston spoke to Carol Smillie, TV presenter (Changing Rooms) and Andrew Graham MBE, chairman at International Wallpaper Week to talk about the DIY we have been getting up to… as a bit of light relief.