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Listen: employee development

19th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Covid-19 has caused companies to re-evaluate the way they work, but 97% continue to use the least effective methods of employee development.

The pandemic has caused the greatest shake-up to working life in modern memory. As a result, companies have been forced to reconsider how they will operate. In fact, research conducted by digital coaching specialists CoachHub revealed that over 80% of organisations have already redefined how they might work best in a post-Covid world. Similarly, while resilience topped the list in June last year, the most sought-after competency in employees is now collaboration, with half (49%) of the respondents citing it as the most important trait for workers in the new working world, with decision making (46%) and time management (41%) in second and third place.

ut it seems employers do not understand how best to develop these skills within their workforce. Indeed, the survey discovered that the least effective methods of employee development – internal online training sessions and webinars – were the most popular, with a massive 97% using this strategy. To make matters worse, mentoring, internal coaching, and external coaching were the least widely used strategies for improving employee development, even though statistics suggest that, on average, 70% of those who receive such support show improvement not only in their work performance, but also in their relationships and communication skills.

Aston spoke to Rosie Evans, behavioural psychologist and principal behavioural scientist at CoachHub.

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