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Listen: Post-lockdown Brits plan to be more sustainable

25th June 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Eco-conscious Brits say time in lockdown has made them rethink their priorities and commit to a more sustainable lifestyle despite contradictory figures suggesting rubbish in public spaces is on the up.

According to new research, around two in five adults (38%) say recycling has been more important to them during lockdown, and three in ten (27%) plan to prioritise recycling once lockdown is over. A further third of adults (30%) say they plan to reduce food waste, one in five (22%) commit to slashing their plastic usage and 15% even pledge to travel less.

Though the study, commissioned by cardboard campaign group, Beyond the Box, shows that despite our best efforts, some individuals are making a mess of things, with a quarter of us (24%) witnessing rubbish being left in public, where people were sitting.

A conscientious 7% have picked up other people’s rubbish, yet, 14% have stood idly by, more worried about picking up germs off the resulting wrappers. On a broader scale, dumping rubbish appears to be an increasing issue, as figures from The Countryside Alliance suggest there has been a 300% rise in fly-tipping in some areas.

Aston spoke to Andy Barnetson from cardboard campaign group, Beyond The Box to discuss new research revealing how our attitudes towards recycling have changed during lockdown and how the change in our shopping habits over the last couple of months has altered our household waste.

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash