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Council launches public consultation on borough’s play areas

16th December 2020
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Basildon Council has today (Wednesday 16 December) launched a public consultation to measure the level of support for a proposed ten-year programme around the future investment and provision of play areas within the borough. 

The council recognises the importance of play as an essential aspect of the development of children and young people. The borough’s Play Review has enabled the development of proposals to ensure that, in line with the current Play Strategy, the council continues to prioritise quality over quantity and work towards achieving its vision of ensuring that all residents have access to a network of inclusive, good quality play areas. 

The council currently maintains 143 play areas within the borough and an evaluation of all of these play areas has highlighted that there is a number that do not meet a high enough standard and/or are considered to be situated in inappropriate locations. This could mean that they are in a location where there is a history of anti-social behaviour or where they are situated too close to properties.

Chair of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison, said:

“All residents should have access to well-designed, good quality, inclusive play spaces.

“We aim to have a network of good play areas across the borough. In doing so, we will be able to positively contribute to the healthy development of children and young people in the borough.  

“Please complete the survey and let us know your experiences of using our play areas. Your feedback will help us to shape the future provision of play within the borough for years to come.”

The proposals would see a reduction of 57 play areas across the borough during the first five years of the proposed programme and targeted improvements to 86 other sites over the 10-year period. Any sites that are removed as a result of this work would be returned to open space. 

The consultation will give residents the opportunity to provide their thoughts on the proposals and how they may affect them.

The consultation closes on Sunday 31 January 2021.

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