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Neighbour of the Year 2020

9th December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

We’ve perhaps all been guilty of not speaking to our neighbours at times… Work pressures, family challenges and a total lack of time means we are running here, there and everywhere often leaving our neighbourly relationships behind. But, Coronavirus seems to have had a huge impact on this as it seems relations with neighbours have benefited significantly with a real sense of community spirit returning to our streets.

This good news comes from Co-op and Neighbourhood Watch who today are crowning the 2020 Neighbours of The Year just ahead of the festive season.

39% of us say we have spoken “much more” to our neighbours this year than ever before and it appears that chats go above and beyond the typical ‘wave’ we were perhaps used to. During lockdown, 18% of us organised street parties for our neighbours, 36% have been chatting over the fence much more, and 33% think their neighbourly relationships have improved during the period.

Aston spoke to Ellis German from Co-op to discuss about the neighbour of the year awards 2020.