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Autism show – July 2021

16th July 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Aston Avery and Anna Kennedy OBE spoke about the events autism charity annakennedyonline have got lined up later this year and they also spoke to amazing guests on the show.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 1
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 2
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 3
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 4

The first of Aston and Anna’s guests was campaigner and mum Donna Kelso.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Donna Kelso

The second of Aston and Anna’s guests was campaigner and advocate Claude.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Claude

The third of Aston and Anna’s guests was future Autism’s Got Talent performer Sky Boswell.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Sky Boswell

Anna had this to say after the show:

‘Another informative and lively chat on ‘All things Autism in Essex’ with Aston in July. Our three guests were Donna Kelso, Claude and Sky Boswell.

Our first guest Donna Kelso a mother of 5 grown ‘children’. Her daughter who is 32 and autistic has learning disabilities and several health difficulties.

Donna has been battling the system through health, education and social care for over 30 years.
She is a core member of two local parent/carer groups locally and a member of several other groups, nationally and locally. Her parent/carer groups have been made aware of the debts that many young people and families are facing due to care charges. Donna spoke to Aston and I about their groups campaign. 

I sent a letter of support to my MP Boris Johnson to call on the Government to abolish social care charging as part of the promised reform to social care and legislate for free comprehensive home care.  In the meantime, I am also asking you to push the Treasury to significantly raise the levels of minimum income guarantee as a matter of urgency, so that disabled and older people, carers and families do not have to make a choice between food or heating and essential support they need to live a life. ‘

Our second guest was Claude a 23 year old autistic philanthropist from London who spoke to Aston and I about their petition and how we should be an inclusive equal world for Neurodiverse people with hidden, visible disabilities and the how they want to speak out about the awareness of ‘ The Claude SEN Law.’

Our third guest was Sky Boswell who will be performing at our Autism’s got Talent Roadshow St Ives and at our 10th year birthday Autisn’s got Talent at The Mermaid Theatre Blackfriars on October 16th. Sky was diagnosed later on life with Aspergers Syndrome and spoke about her idol Kate Bush and the exciting experience of meeting her a few years ago.  Sky will be singing a Kate Bush song for us at Autism’s got Talent. We cannot wait!!!

Aston and I will be back in August talking all things Autism in Essex  we are both grateful that Gateway 97.8 give us this opportunity once a month to raise autism awareness and acceptance. 

If you would like to know more about our charity or our events please check out

Keep Well and keep safe!! 

All Things Autism in Essex will return in August.