Autism show – November 2020

6th November 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Today Aston Avery and Anna Kennedy OBE were joinned by a couple of guests on the show.

Firstly Aston and Anna spoke about how the charity Annakennedyonline is coping especially during lockdown 2.0:

Anna Kennedy pt 1
Anna Kennedy pt 2
Anna Kennedy pt 3
Anna Kennedy pt 4
Anna Kennedy pt 5

The first of Aston and Anna’s guests today were Samantha Grierson Schwarz and Heather Peace to discuss about Henpire.

Anna Kennedy, Samantha Grierson Schwarz & Heather Peace

The second of Aston and Anna’s guests today was Autism’s Got Talent performer Lauren Lovejoy to discuss about the Annakennedyonline anti bullying week campaign.

Anna Kennedy & Lauren Lovejoy

You can hear Lauren’s song “Believe” right here:

Lauren Lovejoy – Believe

Anna Kennedy OBE had this to say after the show:

“Another great show today talking ‘All things Autism in Essex’ once again in Lockdown with my charity Ambassador Aston Avery. Great to speak to Sam Grierson diagnosed later in life with autism changing the course of her life and now the creator of ‘Henpire’ We spoke to the talented Heather Peace actress who spoke about her role as ‘drax’ in the audio play.

Aston and I were also excited to hear Lauren Lovejoy’s creation ‘Believe’ a song written by Lauren for our antibullying Charity Campaign’ Give us a Break’ Lauren spoke about her experience of bullying and gave some advice to the autism community if anyone listening was going through a similar challenge.

Anna shared about the recent experience of Harvey Price one of her Anti Bullying Ambassadors who only yesterday was experiencing vile bullying online. Anna informed Gateway listeners on what to do if you are Harassed on Social Media.

If you or a, for example, disabled dependent are the subject of material on social media that is offence or malicious which has caused the subject (you or the disabled person) alarm or distress, this could be harassment if it has occurred on two or more occasions.  References made to race or disability (or any protected characteristic) are seen to aggravate any potential offense.  

What is to be done?

1. Firstly, contact the Social Media Platform in Question and report the matter and ask them to take action.

2. Contact the police.  This can be done online, but perhaps the best thing to do is go to the police station with copies of all relevant documents i.e. Tweets, Posts etc and get a crime number and ask for the contact details of the officer who will be assigned to this matter. When you contact the officer – be polite but persistent.  The Police have the means to identify persons making posts etc. There are a range of actions open to the Police against persons who post such material. They can serve them with a Harassment Warning Notice or, if the harassment persists or in serious cases, the person involved could face prosecution.

‘Looking forward hopefully to be back in the Gateway studio next month. Keep safe Keep Well and Keep Going. Lots of Love to you all!’

All things autism in Essex will return on 3rd December.

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