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Autism Special: Kacey Ainsworth on Gateway 97.8

10th May 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

On the show, Aston and Anna Kennedy OBE spoke about what Annakennedyonline have been up to and also what they planned later.

Anna Kennedy OBE pt 1
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 2
Anna Kennedy OBE pt 3

They were also joined by amazing guests on the show.

The first guest that Aston and Anna spoke to was actress and Annakennedyonline ambassador Kacey Ainsworth to chat about a new campaign which has been launched.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Kacey Ainsworth

Kacey said:

“As lockdown lifts, I find myself feeling anxious about emerging, if I am anxious how does that feel for the people, I live with on the autism spectrum? Just one of the many worries rolling round my head at 2am. And that is before I even get to my own life and work. I find it hard to take time just for myself.

However, during lockdown I started going to a zoom yoga class early on Sunday mornings and I told everyone in the house it was the one hour in the week when I am not to be disturbed. It is hard to feel Yin or Yang if there is World War 3 erupting outside the door. It does not always work but after few weeks they all began to respect my class as I was firm in reiterating it was My time.

Now it is not 5 mins, it is a whole hour, and many cannot see their way to doing that, but it sets me up for the week in so many ways. And I return to the feeling the practise gives to me on that Sunday morning during the week when things feel more chaotic. Even five minutes of breathing, eyes closed, checking my body for tension, and trying to let it go helps me get through the week. You must take time for you.
Breathe Much love autism community. Kacey Ainsworth.”

The second guest that Aston and Anna spoke to was therapist and mental wellbeing ambassador for Annakennedyonline Guiliana Wheater to further discuss about a new campaign that has been launched.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Guilina Wheater

The third and final guest Aston and Anna spoke to was Josh Burgess who was announced as one of the winners of the AKO dance day competition to discuss AKO dance day.

Anna Kennedy OBE & Josh Burgess

Anna had this to say after the show:

After a few months of zoom shows with Aston it felt so good to be back in the Gateway studio talking ‘All things Autism in Essex’ in May. We launched our new look Take 5 Campaign about 8 years ago – this was due to speaking to parents who find it difficult to take time for themselves to recharge their batteries including myself.  During these difficult and uncertain times, it is even more important now for our own ​mental health and wellbeing as parents and carer’s of children and adults with a disability where we are on call 24/7.

I have spoken to parents and carer’s for many years who are feeling stretched above their limits and receiving a low level of support and juggling many hats and the pressure of the week can get too much. Parents and carer’s for many years who are feeling stretched above their limits and receiving a low level of support especially during the school holidays and now during these difficult times.

Parents are trying their best juggling care, housework, work, taxi service, reading some of those wonderful Special Educational Needs documents EHCP etc that are thrown at you. As a first-time parent going through the SEN system, you feel it is written almost in another language which you have to familiarise yourself with jargon used in the Special Educational Needs world.

This is all on a few hours’ sleep if you are lucky and parents grabbing a cat nap here and there if the opportunity occurs.

Sometimes we just need a quiet 5 mins whatever it maybe to do. A cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, listen to a couple of your favourite songs that remind you of your youth or go out onto the trampoline and have a jump.

Parenting children that have a diagnosis of autism and overlapping conditions can be challenging not only for us parents but for the individual who you care for, love, and cherish.

We are the glue holding everything together so it is about taking just 5 minutes as and when you can, even if it is to shut yourself in the bathroom and have a scream! Do not be so hard on yourself you are doing the best you can taking it one day at a time some days good some days not good.

One of my Wellbeing Charity Ambassador the lovely Giuliana Wheater is shares some of her wonderful advice on ways to get through your days as we emerge slowly from lockdown…. Please check out our charity website for further information. Our final guest one of AKO Autism Dance Day winners Josh Burgess he is 15yrs old, he loves music, playing his guitar, singing and acting. A few years ago Josh and his younger brother Sebastian were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, affecting their vision, hearing and lungs. Josh is now registered severely sight impaired and has to spend two weeks in Great Ormond St hospital every 3 months having treatment for his lung condition. He’s a proud young patron for Anna Kennedy Online and the youth ambassador for Ollie and his superpowers as well as a Diana award anti-bullying ambassador, he loves to get involved and help others.  Such a great show this month. Looking forward to being back in studio in June. Look after yourselves there is light at the end of this very long tunnel whoop!

All Things Autism In Essex will return in June.