Brits are putting more emphasis on physical wellbeing during lockdown

29th June 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

COVID-19 has seen one of the biggest shifts in the way Brits are living their day-to-day lives since the beginning of the industrial revolution. The usual 9-5 office based working day and post work pub visit has been replaced with home working and taking time away from the confines of the home. This massive shift in what is considered a normal day has impacted the habits of the population, with a larger shift towards home exercise, home baking and selfcare.

Recent research has revealed that fitness apps usage, on average, has doubled, and the top meditation and mindfulness apps have seen combined new downloads of two million in April, with a 2.2% increase in the UK compared to January. Online classes, such as Yoga, have also seen sharp increases since the beginning of lockdown. YouTube channels such as Yoga With Adrien saw an increases in views of around 6.5 million in the first few weeks of lockdown, whilst even smaller channels such as Yoga by Candice saw an equally sharp increase in the same period (around an extra 100,000 views). In terms of eating habits, 1 in 5 (20%) of Brits report to be eating healthier during lockdown and surveys have revealed a greater emphasis on wellbeing and more thought being put into what we buy at the supermarket.

During lockdown, Brits focus on wellbeing may have led to higher uses of natural supplementation, with more people turning to macro and micronutrients to ensure gut flora and microbiomes are supporting a healthy lifestyle. This trend may continue into the future, with more people looking to alternative forms of medication, an approach which could be the answer to those looking at continuing an all-natural approach to life.

Aston spoke to Jenny Littman MBE, founder at Natural Mental Health to discuss the research in further detail.  

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash