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Children’s eczema flared up in lockdown

18th June 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

The nation’s parents are at their wits end when it comes to easing their child’s eczema – with half changing their laundry detergent, a fifth avoiding sunny weather and a further fifth making their kids wear gloves to stop them scratching. A paranoid 1 in 10 even limit their children’s screen time.

Approximately one in five children live with eczema in the UK, but concerns are rife about this relatively common skin condition.

The new research by targeted skincare brand Gladskin also found around a third (31%) of children’s eczema cases have become worse since the pandemic started, with 37% percent of parents saying stress and anxiety triggers their child’s flare ups. A further two fifths (42%) say weather conditions have a big part to play.

Aston spoke to skincare expert Dr Bjorn Herpers to discuss his top tips for helping ease eczema and explain everything about the importance of the skin microbiome.