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Dr Hilary on taking a well earned break

3rd July 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

One in four people have a mental health issue at some stage in their life, and especially at the moment with coronavirus having a big impact on many peoples lives, this a real talking point. A lot of discussion has revolved around furloughed employees but those who have been working continuously throughout the virus, have also had their lives majorly effected and have had to make some major life adaptations to ensure they can continue working from home.

Dr Hilary Jones is encouraging working Brits to consider taking a break from work in order to protect their mental health. Alarmingly, half of brits claim they ae not aware of when they need a break or time to recharge. Despite this, the research by Willerby showed that signs among brits who are in need of a break are not uncommon. Just under a third of brits (32%) admit they notice grumpiness when they are in need of a holiday and a further quarter claim they feel stressed when it is time to take a break. 14 per cent even admit that becoming tearful is the indication that it’s time for them to take a rest.

A big part of holidaying and improving ones health is the fact is means spending time with family, with a quarter of Brits claiming they use a holiday to spend time with loved ones and 29 per cent of Brits saying that holiday with their family makes them happy. According to the research a big part of this relates to children with 60 per cent of parents saying taking their children away is positive for their own mental health. Additionally, a third of UK adults think that increased adult child conversation which you can have on holiday increases healthiness.

Aston spoke to Dr Hilary Jones to discuss the research in further detail and why it is important that UK workers take a break in order to unwind and relax.

Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash