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Emily Andre on how to get enough of the sunshine vitamin

1st December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Parents are constantly trying to find new and inventive ways to keep their children healthy like finding fun ways to work fruit and vegetables into their diet, or playing outside to make sure they have enough exercise but what about making sure they get enough Vitamin D?

New consumer research by family-favourite Kingsmill has shown that a third of adults (33%) say they check for calories but not vitamins and minerals when food shopping and over a third of parents (35%) agree that Vitamin D is important, but it’s not high on their priority list.

As winter approaches with more time indoors, and Google searches around vitamin D rich foods soaring more than +180% in the last three months – what are the benefits of vitamin D, and how can we easily squeeze more into our diets?

Aston spoke to Emily Andre, NHS doctor to discuss why it is so important we consider and include Vitamin D in our family’s diets through the winter.