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Jo Hemmings on the beginning of advent

1st December 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

‘Twas the night after Christmas and it was hard to remember, why we ate so much in the month of December. The fridge and cupboards that were stocked full before, are empty after weeks of snacking and vore.

And although we tell ourselves it’s Christmas, it’s fine, our belts are getting tighter from our expanding waistline. After months of lockdown that have been a real bore, no wonder new research from SlimFast has revealed 45% are snacking more than before!

Those pandemic pounds are starting to pay, the stats show 93% are raiding the fridge five times a day. Coined “Cupboard Cruising”, experts say we need to behave, if we are to be fighting fit during the next wave. It’s not just worth it, as well as our wealth, eating too much food has a detrimental impact on our health.

Aston spoke to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings to tell us how we can lose weight and still have festive cheer.