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Listen: Dr Ellie Cannon GP on snoring & sleep worries

25th October 2021
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

We might be looking forward to the extra hour of sleep this month as the clocks go back, but new research by Nasal Dilator Mute Snoring has found that two fifths of people are losing at least 2 hours of sleep every night due to loud noises, that’s 728 hours a year. Meaning we’ll need a lot longer than one extra hour in bed.

With a huge 83% of UK households having a snorer under their roof, it’s no surprise that this is the main culprit keeping people awake (25%). Followed by rain (24%), someone flushing the toilet, and loud traffic (19%).

Despite all this noise, over half (52%) of people do not confront the person that disrupts their sleep, instead suffering in silence.

Sadly, these disruptions are taking their toll on people’s relationships, moods and daily routines. In relationships where at least one person snores, a third admit it results in more arguments, and 17% have even split up.

Johnny spoke to Dr Ellie Cannon: