The importance of preserving your mind and body

26th June 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

Since March many people were setting themselves up to work from home as they were under orders to cut out the commute if they could. Over half (54%) of us set up our new workspace in the bedroom. With 54% of people saying that it is the only room in the house where they can get peace and quiet – this number rising to 60% for women, perhaps linked to the fact that more children are at home throughout the day. And with 41% of people holing up in their bedroom to escape family or house mates,  it is therefore no surprise that there is also an increase in people eating in their bedroom with 20% of people stating that they are snacking in their beds more often – and the inevitable unpleasant discovery of crumbs in their bed by 27% of people!

Many of us have splashed out on items such as a desk chair (13%), house plants (12%) and a new desk (10%) to improve our working environment at home, making it more comfortable and more like a home office – 32% say snacks are essential to their working day with a comfy pillow to lean on (17%) another vital addition. However, working from your bedroom can lead to much merriment on video calls with two thirds of people stating something funny has happened to them while on a work call. More than a quarter (27%) of us have been ‘zoombombed’ by a family member unwittingly popping up in the background during work business, 18% have been caught still wearing their pyjamas and 14% have had someone comment on how untidy their room is – increasing to 17% for men.

Aston spoke to Sarah Simpson, head of sleep and bed expert at Premier Inn to discuss the research and how getting the bedroom environment just right is now more important than ever.

Photo by Glenn Carstens Peter on Unsplash