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Basildon resident fined £280 for dropping cigarette butt

27th November 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

A Basildon resident has been found guilty of throwing a cigarette butt out of the window of the driver’s seat of her vehicle onto Southernhay.

Sarah Tuite, of Larkspur Way, Basildon, was observed littering on Wednesday 12 June 2019, where a uniformed Enforcement Officer observed as she threw the cigarette butt out of her car window.

Miss Tuite later admitted to the offence and was given the chance to pay a £75 Fixed Penalty Notice. However, she failed to do so and was prosecuted for littering.

The matters were then heard in court on 15 November 2019 and she was sentenced to a fine of £150, victim surcharge of £30 and ordered to pay £100 prosecution costs.

Chair of Basildon Council’s Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee Councillor David Harrison said:

“We take littering seriously. We all have a responsibility to keep our streets clean of litter and to make sure that we are responsible for our actions.

“The council takes the littering of a cigarette butt as serious as a resident flytipping a sofa.

“We should all take note that there are no exceptions when it comes to littering.

“The council’s street scene enforcement team ensures that those who contribute towards littering the environment are dealt with.”