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John Baron MP congratulates Gateway 97.8 on Speaker’s ‘Democracy for All’ Grant

18th September 2023
Posted by Aston Avery

Gateway 97.8 has been selected to receive a ‘Democracy for All’ grant from the Speaker’s Art Fund. John Baron MP supported the application.

These grants support art and education projects in constituencies around Britain which aim to improve the understanding of democracy. In the case of Gateway 97.8, the £500 grant will go towards helping the station’s radio club for young people. This club helps them develop reading and media skills, including learning communication and podcasting techniques. Early next year the radio club will be inviting John Baron MP and the local youth council for a Q&A session.

Danny and Ros, Directors at Gateway 97.8, said,

“We are delighted and are planning a junior question time in early 2024 involving our younger listeners. Thank you to the fund for supporting the project.”

John said,

“I congratulate Gateway 97.8 on being selected by the Speaker’s Office for this prestigious award. This will be used to help young people develop important skills and boost their democratic engagement, and I look forward to some good questions at the Q&A.”

Image: UK Parliament