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Tories to lead Basildon Council with UKIP support

16th May 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

It has been announced that UKIP’s one remaining Basildon councillor will vote to give the Conservatives control of Basildon Council. Councillor Hazel Green says she can’t side with Labour, due to their position on Brexit. This follows elections earlier this month, which left Basildon in No-Overall-Control.

Gateway was live at the election count, where the Labour Party were in a celebratory mood:

In a statement to the Yellow Advertiser, Hazel Green’s election agent, Frank Ferguson said:

“Frank Ferguson announced that UKIP councillor Hazel Green has decided she will lend her support to the minority Conservative group on Basildon Council at the annual council meeting. 

“Having given very careful consideration to the options available, and the fact that the primary policy of UKIP is a complete withdrawal from the EU, she concluded that to lend her support to the Labour group, which is actively promoting the call for an anti-democratic second referendum on Brexit, would be a betrayal of those who elected her.”

At the full Council meeting next Thursday, the vote will be split down the middle, meaning Conservative Mayor, David Dadds will cast a deciding vote. This will enable the Conservative group to appoint a mayor, who will lead proceedings over the coming year.

In a tweet, Basildon Labour leader, Gavin Callaghan said:

Followed by a tweet about Tory mayor, David Dadds being a ‘remainer’, which Dadds responded to:

Conservative councillor, Andrew Schrader tweeted about Cllr Callaghan’s view on Brexit:

For a full round-up, tune in to Gateway 97.8 on Thursday from 4pm, as Basildon Yellow Advertiser Chief Reporter discusses the news on the Drivetime show.