John Baron MP responds to Tier 2 Request

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Following the Prime Minister’s announcements of the three-tier system in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Essex has asked the Government to move it from Tier 1 (medium) to Tier 2 (high).

This is in response to rising levels of the coronavirus in the county, which is leading to increasing numbers of covid-related hospitalisations and, sadly, a rise in the number of covid-related deaths.

John Baron MP commented on the news:

“These are difficult decisions, but having listened to Essex County Council and local public health officials, I support ECC’s request to the Government to move Essex into Tier 2 provisions. The coronavirus is sadly rising exponentially in our area, and it is best to act quickly whilst the virus is at manageable levels. The earlier we cut off the chain of infections, the quicker we will be able to return to Tier 1, which will help save lives and give our local economy the best chance of bouncing back quickly.”

“Tier 2 restrictions are more onerous than what we have become used to in recent months, but I know residents will understand why they are necessary and, as they have throughout this pandemic, will respect them.”

“Meanwhile, I would like to thank all our excellent NHS staff, our contact tracers, Police, emergency service and council workers who are doing so much to support us during these challenging times.”

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