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Nominations Open for Essex Fair Play Awards

5th April 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

Nominations are being welcomed for the monthly Fair Play Award for March as the Essex County FA seek to herald an exceptional act of sporting behaviour in the game last month by staging their regular Facebook competition.

Anyone who witnessed a specific act of fair play during March, whether it was from an individual or a team, could put forward a potential winner of the special contest. The nomination window is open until Friday 12th April. The goal of the awards is to promote the best elements of the game and encourage them in all formats of youth and adult football.

Nominees will later be whittled down into an open vote between two final nominees. Helen Hever, Essex County FA Designated Safeguarding Officer, said:

“The game can’t exist without respect between players, coaches, referees, fans, leagues and everybody in football.”

“Everyone loves football because of the passion and the competitive edge, but it’s important that we’re able to play the game in the right way. The spirit of fair play is crucial to that. We’re looking to celebrate any display of sportsmanship across all the formats of the game.”

“Fair play exists all over grassroots, like shaking hands or three cheers at the end of a match, but we’re seeking nominations that go that bit further. We’re looking for elements like team spirit – both in the team you play for and the opposition – respect, friendship and excellence.”

Nominations are open until Friday 12th April to recognise fair play which took place in March. To put someone forward, comment on the Essex County FA’s Facebook post (search for ‘EssexFootball’) with these details: yours and the nominee’s name, club/team (and age group where applicable), a description of why your nominee should win. Good luck!

February’s Winner… Alfie Davidson (Referee)!

The latest winner was referee Alfie Davidson, as nominated by Matthew Vincent. He recalled:

“My Rowhedge Under 10s players recognised Alfie from when he refereed a recent tournament my team took part in. After we had played a match at Shrub End Playing Fields, the players were left to look after themselves for a bit whilst the clear-up operation began.”

“At that point, some of the players recognised Alfie who was being the ‘lino’ on the pitch next to ours. Because there were some spare flags nearby, a few Rowhedge players picked them up and started to imitate Alfie whilst he ran up and down the line, raising their flags when Alfie raised his and trying their best to keep up with Alfie as he ran up and down the line.”

“Alfie took it all in exceptionally good spirit, didn’t let it put him off and explained to the youngsters what he was doing and why he was making the decisions he did, all whilst taking care not to neglect his responsibilities. The kids thoroughly enjoyed following Alfie up and down the line for that short period of time and Alfie spoke passionately and positively about his role.”

“I feel it really will inspire the children who, if they do not grow up to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona, will be encouraged to take up officiating after being inspired by Alfie. A fine role model and a fantastic example of positive behaviour towards the children.”