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Broaden your horizons with Fearless Flyer course

9th March 2020
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

It is estimated that at least 1 in 6 of us suffer from a fear of flying. This can have a major impact on both the individual and their close relationships; visiting relatives abroad, important business meetings and exotic holidays can all become challenging for sufferers of what is sometimes referred to as “aerophobia’.  Symptoms can present themselves as physiological such as sweating or shaking; or as a specific fear relating to the flight itself.

To help people overcome their anxieties, London Southend Airport will host the Fearless Flyer course in association with easyJet. During the three-hour ground course, the presenting pilot will go through any misconceptions that people may have about flying and teach a series of coping techniques and strategies. 

Following the ground course, held at The Holiday Inn at London Southend Airport, the Fearless Flyer team will take guests on an Experience Flight lasting up to one hour, with a fully crewed easyJet aircraft dedicated to the course. 

Glyn Jones, CEO of Stobart Aviation:

“We hope that by offering the Fearless Flyer course at London Southend airport we can assist anxious travellers with their journey in a calm and supportive environment.”

“London Southend Airport lends itself perfectly to the course with our quick, easy and happy atmosphere; from the terminal experience to boarding and of course, welcoming you back upon touch down. The airport aims to provide high standards of assistance to everyone who needs extra support throughout their journey at the airport.”

The course costs £199 (which includes the Ground Course and the Flight) and for an additional £90 people can book a companion (who must be a regular and confident flyer).

For further details and to book a place on the course, visit