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Tilbury to receive £25m investment

10th September 2019
Posted by Johnny Jenkins

The Government has announced 100 towns that will be entitled to £25m Government investment. And Tilbury is one of them.

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price is delighted that Tilbury has been chosen:

‘I have always said that Tilbury needs some love.  It really hasn’t had the attention it deserves.  It has been neglected by the local council for decades and I have always been determined to change that.  Through Tilbury on Thames Trust we have made a start, but we need to do a whole lot more for Tilbury to realise its full potential.

Tilbury has a very special place in my heart.  There are plenty in our borough who talk Tilbury down, but the community spirit is second to none.  We saw that only a few weeks ago at Carnival and we see it on display regularly through the community activities of the Tilbury Riverside project.  I am very excited that we now have the opportunity to spend some serious money and get real change and improvement at last.

I want Tilbury to be the best it can be.  I thank the Government for believing in Tilbury as much as I do. 

And it isn’t just Tilbury.  This Government believes in Grays too.  Only 100 towns have been chosen to get this cash and here in Thurrock we have two of them in Grays and Tilbury.  This is on top of the £10m already promised for Grays South regeneration and the potential £22m through the Future High Streets fund.

Under Conservative leadership we have shown real ambition for Thurrock and that is being recognised and rewarded in Government.  Now it is time to deliver.  I don’t want Tilbury and Grays to go the same way as Purfleet, with fancy plans that have no prospect of delivery.  I want to see solid plans that improve the area and that are deliverable.  We have been given a great opportunity by the Government through this money. Let’s grab it with both hands.”

Image: UK Parliament
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