Basildon Council wants your views on proposals for a Wickford Town Council

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Basildon Council is set to decide whether to establish a Wickford Town Council later this year—but first councillors want to know what residents and businesses in Wickford think.

The council is asking Wickford residents what they think of the proposal to create the parish of Wickford, made up of the borough wards of Wickford Castledon, Wickford North (except for the part that is within the Parish of Shotgate) and Wickford Park.

If established, Wickford Town Council would be able raise its own precept from local residents—a form of council tax.

It would also be able to agree with Basildon Council to take responsibility for local services such as village halls and community centres, local parks and play areas, litter, public toilets and war memorials and provide a strong local voice for the area.

The proposal includes electing six councillors to Wickford Castledon, and seven councillors each to Wickford North and Wickford Park.

Elections would take place every four years, at the same time as elections for Basildon Borough Council.

There are currently eight parish or town councils in the borough covering about a quarter of households and electors.

Should Wickford Town Council be established then most of the north of the borough will be covered by a parish or town council.

Basildon Council will also soon consider whether to consult residents in the south of the borough on the development of town or parish council proposals.

The council drew up proposals for a Wickford Town Council after residents petitioned asking for a review in 2019.

How to have your say

Residents can visit Basildon Council website at to complete the online survey.

If you cannot complete the survey online, you can call the council’s customer services on 01268 533333 and ask for one of our advisers to read the survey to you and record your responses.

The survey will remain open until midnight on Sunday 8 November.

2 Comments on “Basildon Council wants your views on proposals for a Wickford Town Council”

  1. Let the people of Wickford decide what is best for this area and not be dictated by Basildon Council who are only interested in their own area.

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