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Charity ambassadors Katie and Harvey Price shortlisted for the TV Awards

19th August 2021
Posted by Aston Avery

Congratulations¬†to Charity Ambassadors Katie Price and Harvey Price shortlisted for the prestigious NTA Awards. Voting now re-opened for the awards . Let’s get behind Katie and Harvey and vote for the wonderful Documentary ‘Harvey and Me’.

Anna Kennedy OBE received a lovely message after the short list announcement from Hannah Lowes Series Producer at Minnow Films ‘

‘Anna a huge congratulations  to you too. You were instrumental in the making of the film- both on and off screen. I watched it the other day after 8 months and was really moved by it.  Well, done to us all ‘

Anna shares:

‘I was really honoured to be part of this documentary and to join Harvey and Katie through their transition journey. We were inundated with messages after the documentary from families going through the same transition journey. We arranged two online workshops where parents could ask questions and share their stories.I am looking forward to part 2 where we follow Harvey on his journey’

Here is the link to vote