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Meet The Bands – BOTB 2014

27th April 2014
Posted by Gateway 97.8

This years competition brings just as much talent as the previous years, and as usual, eleven bands will be live in the studio this coming Sunday from midday to perform live to secure their place in the final event.

We understand that you might not be able to listen to the entire six hour marathon show, show below we’ve listed each band taking part, included some music and a biography so you can listen and choose in your own time! Next to the bands name is how to vote for them.

To cast your vote text the ‘BOTB + letter’ (e.g BOTB X) to 01268 833978. Only one vote per phone number will be counted, voting will open at 17:45 on Sunday 27th April and will close at 20:00 on Sunday 27th April. Votes made outside these times will not be counted, but will still be charged. Votes will cost one standard network rate and if you have ‘texts’ included in your mobile plan allowance, it will count as one text message.

For full voting terms and conditions, click here.

State of the artState of the Art – ‘BOTB A’

Founded by long term band mates Dan Parrish (Bass) and Ray Hagland (Guitar) teaming up with Elle Steele (Drums) and Tiago Dias (Vocals) in September 2012. Not knowing what was going to become of this, with influences coming from every corner of every scene, the group quickly settled into a formidable band! Blending the meat and squeal of a rock guitar with the rumble and grind of a punk bass, the groove and double-kick licks of contemporary drumming and the power and grace of a soul voice!

Through Heaven, Through Hell facebook | twitter | soundcloud | youtube

77867786 – ‘BOTB B’

Playing the music of their youth, both chart hits and club smashes that shaped the most creative and vocal generation Britain has ever seen, this Southend five piece who lived and performed throughout these years simply keep the spirit of ’77 very much alive. Lead singer, The FATMAN, was DJ at the infamous club CROC’S in Rayleigh (Now the Pink Toothbrush) which was amongst the first clubs in the UK to feature such bands as Depeche Mode, Culture Club, ABC and many others. 7786 delve into a treasure trove of the best that British songwriting has to offer and revisit it with nearly 40 years of experience and in a way that only musicians from the era can.

Babylon’s Burning facebook | website


1474381_280293005458337_1011625142_n[1]Lanter of Badds – ‘BOTB C’

Formed in March 2013, Lanter of Badds have spent the past year writing original material and rehearsing relentlessly. In December 2013 Lanter of Badds recorded their first E.P which was released in March 2014. We would love to tell you some long winded story of how we got together and our search for our sound blah blah blah … but the truth of the matter is we got drunk and decided to start a band… turns out its quite fun!

facebook | twitterwebsite | soundcloud


1924935_467619303339850_883561638_n[1]Ignorance Is Bliss – ‘BOTB D’

Formed in October 2013, the band now has a permanent line up after trying out 3 bass players and 2 drummers. The band mix modern punk with classic metal guitar riffs, powerful drums and a bit of “funky” bass. Unique style, unique members.



734049_612090882181049_482542297_n[1]The Spin – ‘BOTB E’

During the last year, Swedish rock quartet The Spin have been travelling back and forth to the UK, touring all over the UK with one common factor: All requesting a swift return. With this in mind, the decision was made to make a permanent move to the UK. 8 months living in England as full time musicians have made the band a well oiled unit that are out playing and entertaining regularly and The Spin has no plans but to keep climbing to the top!
facebook | soundcloud | website


1964890_271712672991299_157827169_n[1]Double Headed Jester – ‘BOTB F’

Double headed jester are a new band from canvey island and have been writing there own tunes making sure we’re being Hurd, we write full on in your face powerful tunes with heavy influences from bands such as foo fighters, queens of the Stone Age, the gun and so on, we like to call our genre heavy alt rock/rockabilly dark punk. We’re a four piece, 3 lads one lass.

facebook | twitter | soundcloud


1548112_678860998803312_410847057_o[1]Fallen Poets – ‘BOTB G’

Fallen Poets are Steve Rudd, Phil James, Lucy Bowman and Jay Parry. We are a band who make honest, memorable, uplifting and infectious songs. A unique collision of indie rock, pop and folk, soaring melodies delivered with a rare soul, passion and self-belief.




12363_219573731561200_1649037834_n[1]Finding Miranda – ‘BOTB H’

More info coming soon.
Finding Miranda will be live on the radio from around 4pm on the Heats show.


Hey Sunshine


1621752_389310621206068_1239482679_n[1]Harry Cash & The Loose Change – ‘BOTB I’

Harry Cash started playing guitar from 5 years old and has been singing and playing at open mic nights around Essex since he was 11. In April 2013 Harry was joined by Abi Hagger on drums and Harrison Palmer on bass as The Loose Change. They’ve played a few festivals and gigs last year and have several gigs and festivals booked for this year. They enjoy playing a wide variety of music from 70’s to modern day and rehearse most Saturdays in Abi’s lounge.

Flaming Room     facebook | website


1510732_1431018160466643_66453137_n[1]Indies At 5 – ‘BOTB J’

We are a young band based in Chelmsford, ageing between 13-18 and we play rock and some pop music. Our inspirations are Green Day, MCR, Nirvana, Paramore, and ACDC. We got together around a year ago and are still going strong, with an aim to make an impact.

Again / facebook


1497703_468924923237366_726289842_n[1]A New Day – ‘BOTB K’

The band formed in 2013 when Scott and Glen left their previous band to start a new one with Scott’s brother Sam. Chris the bands singer joined shortly after. Since then the band have been traveling around the country playing various venues and have released their first EP ‘Now It’s Our Turn’ which was received well by their fans. Currently in 2014 the band have been focusing on new recordings and building a bigger fan base.

facebook | twitter | youtube | soundcloud