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The Day I Met Gaga

11th October 2011
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Hello there,

It is a fact that everybody has a favourite personality,  film star or pop  star and it is always their dream to meet them personally face to face,  sometime,  somewhere!  Ask anybody who is involved with Gateway 97.8, and they will tell you that I am a big Lady Gaga fan or ‘Little Mons†er’ as we are better known.  I managed to fulfil that dream of meeting her, and here is my story.

On the 3rd October,  she had landed in London and was scheduled to start filming for the Jonathan Ross show on the 5th October at the ITV studios on the South Bank near Westminster Bridge.  This immediately set me off thinking as London was only a 40 minute train ride away from Gateway towers and my attempt at getting tickets for the filming had failed as usual.

So on the day of filming,  armed with very little information other than a tweet from a helpful Little Mons†er that filming would start around 6pm,  I hopped on a train and arrived at London’s Charing Cross Station around 2pm.  As usual when arriving in a big city, be it New York or Hong Kong,  it takes  a wee while to get your bearings,  but I soon was  ’South of the River’ and heading torwards the ITV studios at Upper Ground.

The next 3 or 4 hours was spend chatting to other Little Mons†ers who had gathered at the front of the studios,  sharing information and generally trying to stay warm and dry and waiting for a certain person’s arrival.  Around 6pm, there was quite a buzz building up around the back of the studios where about 100 Little Mons†ers had gathered,  singing shouting and screaming to their hearts’ content. We joined them at the back and found a place to wait, which is where I stayed for the rest of the evening.  Gaga was obviously inside the building?

It was now just a question of waiting,  and there was a steady flow of people and cars coming and going at the back.  I could see people inside watching the filming and later on,  a few guys came out with wine glasses (full) in their hands and asked what was going on. They included Jonathan Ross’ Personal Waiter.  I explained to him who we were waiting for and he said he had never seen or heard anything quite like it outside the ITV studios.

At around 10pm we all started thinking we had had it as cars with blacked out windows were coming and going and it did not help that one of the security guards kept on teasing us about where Gaga was.  Also Mr Ross made a brief appearance outside, along with Kevin the Ram.

With aching feet,  getting colder by the minute,  stomach rumbling, wanting a nature call  and time ticking forward to the last train, thoughts were entering everybody’s head,  ’is she ever going to come outside and meet her fans and even worse, was she still in the building?’

Between the fans singing some of her hits including Bad Romance, Judas and Poker Face,  there were shouts “Please Gaga come outside, I need to go to the toilet” and “Where are you Gaga  I am going to miss the last train”  Well about 10.30pm the loud noise suddenly turned into about 140 db of unbearable screaming.  She had stepped outside!

The problem was that you could not see to the left or right of you on the other side of the metal fence as the picture shows.  So I just had to get myself ready with my copy of ‘Born This Way’ for her to sign.  I knew I was in a good position and suddenly she came into my view.  I asked her if she could sign my CD and she took it off me and I said where are you going to sign it? She then opened the case up and signed the CD booklet.  She gave it back to me and I thanked her and we exchanged smiles.  It was over so quickly,  but I guess I was a little overcome by the moment.  Lady Gaga I thank you, and I will say this,  you always make time for your Little Mons†er fans!  See and hear for yourself  by clicking on the link.


Below is my result of what can be described as an experience I will never forget. It is the first time I have ever stalked a famous person.  Next challenge,  get the Lady herself over for an interview at Gateway 97.8!


Paws up !!!!