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Renewable energy and it's benefits, is it right for you? Join Steve Gallant from 1pm tomorrow

16th February 2012
Posted by Gateway 97.8

Tomorrow afternoon, I hope to discover while picking my way through the minefield of  a number of renewable energy options,  with the help of my guest Matthew Rider of Silvercrest Solar based in Hadleigh Essex, I’m keen to discover details of costs and paybacks. It is challenging to to get good returns on your money from conventional sources at the moment, so it’s hardly surprising that people are looking to save money and or benefit by choosing a goverment scheme which comes with a significant incentive at the moment but the window is closing!

If are considering a system at the moment, then free advice is available.

Please let me have your questions on solar or any other kind of renewable energy source, e-mail the studio, [email protected] or phone or text to 01268833978

All of this together with great music, showbiz and sports, roundups,  news and travel updates.

I look forward to your company.

Steve G.