Basildon Election Results In Full

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Here are the individual totals for each candidate in each ward across Basildon.

Pitsea North West Ward

Imelda Clancy, UKIP 1156 – duly elected
Melissa McGoerge, LAB 906
Luke Mackenzie, CON 427
Martin Howard, LIB 33

Nethermayne Ward
Kerry James Daryl Luke Smith, UKIP 1340 – duly elected
Linda Williams, LIB 1156
David Thomas Kirkman, LAB 559
John Michael Schofield, CON 446

Crouch Ward

Terri Lilian Joan Sargent, CON 1004 – duly elected
Clifford Alistaire Kenneth Hammans, UKIP 884
Malcolm Reid, LAB 270

Billericay East Ward

Andrew Peter Schrader, CON 1724 – duly elected
Terry Gandy, UKIP 987
Patricia Reid, LAB 414
Nigel John Horn, LIB 256

Wickford Castledon Ward

Alan Ronald Ball, UKIP 1118 – duly elected
Malcolm Robert Buckley, CON 909
Andrew Charles Buxton, LAB 259

Laindon Park Ward

Mark Ellis, UKIP 1122 – duly elected
Lauren Emma Brown, LAB 888
John David Dornan, CON 599
Francis Barnes-Challinor, LIB 112
Anthony James Harms, OTH 21

Pitsea South East Ward

Stephen Patrick Ward, UKIP 1061 – duly elected
David Edmund Burton-Sampson, LAB 966
David Martin Abrahall, CON 709
Vivien Howard, LIB 63

Fryerns Ward

David John Sheppard, UKIP 1199 – duly elected
William Archibald, LAB 983
Ian David Dwyer, CON 502
Colin Grant, LIB 74
David James John Murray, OTH 39

Billericay West Ward

Anthony Michael Hedley, CON 1912 – duly elected
Susan Patricia McCaffery, UKIP 858
Andrew James Ansell, LAB 344
Jenny Cole, LIB 192

Wickford North Ward

Peter John Holliman, UKIP 1487 – duly elected
Tony Ball, CON 1357
Albert Edward Ede. LAB 475

Langdon Hills Ward

Linda Margaret Allport-Hodge, UKIP 1033 – duly elected
Sandra Elizabeth Hillier, CON 958
Alan Richards, LIB 425
Matthew Martin Whaley, LAB 111

Wickford Park Ward

David Barton Harrison, UKIP 940 – duly elected
George Charles Wake, LAB 893
Don Morris, CON 292

Burstead Ward

Andrew Simon Baggott, CON 1798 – duly elected
Paul John Downes, UKIP 932
Wendy Gladys Aitken, LAB 382
Ben Williams, LIB 156

Lee Chapel North Ward

Frank Ferguson, UKIP 983 – duly elected
Trevor Malsbury, UKIP 924 – duly elected
Alan Bennett, LAB 922
Jenefer Anne Taylor, LAB 919
Andrew James Barnes, CON 329
Nicole Carrie Stephens, CON 263
Phil Jenkins, LIB 99
Steve Nice, LIB 91
Thomas Frank Beaney, OTH 80

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