Posted by Aston Avery

3.5 minutes of exercise could reduce cancer risk

In the wake of King Charles’ recent cancer diagnosis, there’s a reminder to us all to have regular check-ups, especially if something doesn’t feel right.

However, a new study from the World Cancer Research Fund now shows how dedicating just 3.5 minutes to vigorous exercise can significantly reduce your risk of cancer. As we enter Cancer Prevention Action Week (19-25 February 2024), the charity is shining a light on the transformative impact of incorporating small changes into our daily routines for monumental health benefits.

To kick off this week dedicated to cancer prevention, the charity urges everyone to “Make Your Move.” Embrace short bursts of activity throughout your day, a concept known as ‘exercise snacking,’ where you intentionally engage in brief bouts of exercise that leave you slightly breathless. It’s a proven simple yet impactful way to prioritise your health and contribute to cancer prevention.

Aston spoke to Dr Helen Croker, assistant director of policy and research at World Cancer Research Fund.

Photo by Sporlab on Unsplash

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