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4G signal set to cover majority of the nation

30th October 2019
Posted by Aston Avery

The end to annoying mobile ‘not spots’ is finally in sight for hundreds of thousands of people living, working and travelling in the more remote parts of the UK.

A new industry-wide £1billion scheme, led by Vodafone working with HM Government, will make 4G signal available to 95% of the UK landmass by 2025 where currently only 66% of the UK has access. The world-first Shared Rural Network (SRN) proposal will improve coverage to 280,000 premises and 16,000km of roads.

The proposed SRN and 4G coverage improvements will be delivered by sharing existing masts to fill partial ‘not spots’, where there is coverage from one operator but not all. Sharing masts that are being erected as part of the Emergency Services Network and building a number of new masts in areas that have no coverage will mean more coverage with less masts.

By working together with EE, O2 and Three, Vodafone will deliver better coverage while offering more choice for consumers and businesses using far fewer new masts. This will ensure that UK consumers and businesses receive a wider choice of providers in remote areas. With far fewer new masts needed to be installed, the proposal also helps to save energy and reduce planning concerns.

Basildon’s 4G signal strengths

Aston spoke to Scott Petty, chief technology officer at Vodafone to discuss how this will impact your local area.