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Actor, Jeremy Edwards on Gateway 97.8

23rd January 2020
Posted by Aston Avery

For many men the thought of going on a diet is a big no! Across the UK, 3.8 million males believe diets “don’t work” or just aren’t for men. However, the pressure on men to look good with 44% agreeing there’s more pressure for men to lose weight than ever before. But men are so keen to avoid a diet, that almost 2 million blokes would swap putting their kids to bed at night in favour of a grueling gym workout if it meant guaranteed weight loss success.

It’s not only men who are shunning tried and trusted diets to help shift the extra weight. According to a new survey by SlimFast over half of young British women (51%) will hide the fact they are dieting this January, for fear of disapproval from friends and family. New research suggests that due to the recent surge in the ‘body positivity’ movement – a social movement which champions the acceptance of all bodies no matter the form, size, or appearance – 51% of women aged 18-34 are too afraid to reveal their desire to slim down worrying that they will be judged (29%), mocked (22%) or even considered to be anti-feminists (26%).

Aston spoke to Jeremy Edwards, former Hollyoaks and Holby City actor to talk about the research findings and his own weight loss success through dieting. Aston also spoke to Jo Hemmings, TV behavioural psychologist who shed more light on the growing trend of women becoming fearful to admit their weight loss goals, and how loving our bodies and wanting to lose weight should not be mutually exclusive.